Town of Caroline Historian

Tompkins County, New York


Town of Caroline Town Hall & Historical Room
Slaterville Springs, NY


Tioga & Tompkins Index – The History of Chemung, Schuyler, Tioga & Tompkins Counties, NY (1879)
Landmarks of Tompkins County, NY (1894) by John H. Selkreg
Tompkins County Directory 1868-69 (MS Excel) (PDF)
The Centennial History of the Town of Dryden, 1797—1897 by Geo. E. Goodrich
A History of the Town of Caroline 1794—1994
The Earsley Family of Caroline, New York and Their Descendants Compiled by Dorothy Mix, Lawrence Kreyer, and Barbara B. M. Kone
Historical Gazetteer and Directory of Tioga County, NY
Pastor's Handbook   (MS Excel) (PDF)
Extracts of Intestates of Tompkins County, NY 1850-1875 

Extracts of the Wills of Tompkins County, NY 1851-1875
Extracts of Tompkins County Probates, 1817-1851
Cross-Index of Extracts of Tompkins County Probates, 1817-1851

.Early Tompkins County records  (MS Excel) (PDF)
  • Extracts of Pension Applications
  • Extracts of Early Deeds 
  • Cross-Index of Extracts of Early Deeds 
  • Earliest Probates 
  • Cross-Index of Earliest Probates 

Cross-Index to Early Wills of Tompkins County    (MS Excel) (PDF)
1853 Map of Town of Caroline  Small    Large
1866 Maps and Index of Tompkins County

Civil War Records:
Persons Liable to Enlistment – 1862 - 1866 (MS Excel) (PDF)
Record of Enlistments (MS Excel) (PDF)
Letters from Lt. Woolcot  (MS Word) (PDF)
Diary of James Benton Reed, (Transcibed by Ann Townsend)

Vital Records of the Town of Caroline:
1848 Poormaster’s Book, Town of Caroline (MS Excel) (PDF)
Index to Pathmasater's Book (MS Excel)  (PDF)
Pathmasters of Town of Caroline (MS Word)(PDF) 
Deaths in the Town of Caroline, 1914-1958 (MS Excel) (PDF)
Marriages 1881-1907 (MS Excel) (PDF)
Miscellaneous Deaths and Marriages in Town of Caroline (PDF)
Miscellaneous Marriages
O. Earsley Diary (MS Word)  (PDF)
Town of Caroline Cemetery Inscriptions 
Town of Caroline Assessment Rolls -- 1834, 1879, 1885, 1890, 1900 (MS Excel) (PDF)
Town of Caroline 1905 Jurors List (MS Excel) (PDF)
Town of Caroline Poll List, Dist. #1, 1867  (MS Excel) (PDF)
School Census (MS Word) (PDF)

Church Records:
Methodist-Episcopal Church, Slaterville Springs (MS Excel) (PDF)
St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Slaterville Springs (MS Excel) (PDF)
1st Universalist Church, Speedsville

Misc. Records:
Town of Caroline Residents Born Outside US: an extract from census records (MS Excel) (PDF)
Occupations in the Town of Caroline (other than farming or farm laborer): an extract from census records (MS Excel) (PDF)
Births, Deaths & Marriages kept by Mrs. Perl Legg (MS Excel) (PDF)
Death Records  (MS Excel)  (PDF)
Family Histories
Family Bible Records
Family Files

1881 George E. Jensen Diary  (PDF) (Images)

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